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Benzane, a talented and experienced, High tech Art Director by day, and by night shedding his skin transforming into a vibrant yet dark, cheeky and sombre, colourful contemporary digital artist.


Born in Sydney, Australia, Benzane sees himself as a global citizen not bound by borders but experiences of the human soul. He is now currently based out of Tel Aviv, Israel and Chania Crete, Greece where he is at home with the ancient mediteranan.


In his digital scrap book, Benzane has collected over 20 years of diverse imagery, thoughts and moments, and now he brings them to life through, poetry, photography, illustration, typography and design. His eye is his camera, his computer is his tool and his mind connected to the universal internet of both dark and light creative energy. Subtly pushing the boundaries, questioning and going against the tide, is part of his soul and what he narrates through his visual creations.


His muse is David Bowie, his fascination is aviation and his soul out of ancient Egypt. Most importantly, Benzane loves to inspire individuals and creative souls, who are held down by fear or low self esteem and to watch other caged lions break from their cage.

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